type in windows using arduino?

I’m curious if there’s a way to use arduino to type things in windows.

Example: Let’s say I have ms notepad open. I push a button connected to arduino, the arduino detects pin HIGH and outputs a key press specified as “b.” a “b” appears in notepad.

or am i reaching for the stars? is it impossible without another application running to convert serial data into my desired key presses…?

I think the quickly way is with Vtask (less than 1 min of double clicking macro actions xD), from Vista Studio.

This macro editor has serial comunication options and keypress simulation:

i wish i could try it without spending $150…

is ‘Arduino USB’ supposed to let me do this?


i’d have to make that USB shield, right?

Thats the easiest way, you can also download the Express C# 2008, add a little of keypress code and with the serial port you link c# with arduino.

The really easy way is to use GoBetwino, a program that already has support for just what you ask.

GoBetwino will do lot’s of other things for you as well, and it’s free :slight_smile:

Although the advantage with the avrusb approach is that no software is required on the target computer.


You may also want to check this article out:
This device, connected on USB, can simulate a keyboard. I guess you only need to adapt it to arduino.

I guess you only need to adapt it to arduino.

I’ve already done that, as linked to by dfyb above.


Right, I did not pay attention, thanks.
I find this project somehow important, maybe it should be included in the playground.

Obviously avrusb has the lightweight advantage of not requiring anything running on the PC.

But avrusb will take up a lot of Arduinos power, GoBetwino uses almost no resources on Arduino

GoBetwino has one important feature though. GoBetwino automatically makes the program you send keystrokes to, the foreground application in windows. So even if another application opens a window or in some other way gets the input focus GoBetwino makes sure that the correct application recieves the keystrokes.

checking out GoBetwino now. sounds like a great solution. thanks for all the info, everyone :slight_smile:

edit: running into slight problem… http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1237386436/7#7

i guess i should have mentioned i’ll be trying to interface with a directX game.