Type names byte and word

In my 2.0 beta word and byte seems no longer to work. I have to type uint8_t all the time.
Is there an option to redefine those myself also having them turn blue? There is tons of code with them and they all give errors.
And why don’t we ditch the _t?
uint8 and int8 would make perfect sense. Can you “hack” c to accept those abbreviations?

Both byte and word seem to work OK for me. What board have you selected?

Things do behave a bit strange though. If I delete the two entries and start again by typing the “b” I get a different set of option in the popup. The top entries up to byte seems to be dropped in the second round.


I am coding for the MEGA2560

Just tried it with Mega or Mega2560 selected as board.

Works the same as my post above. I can not think what could cause your problem.