Typical USB transfer speed I can expect

Hi all:

I have no experience whatsoever with Arduino, but I am looking for a new development board and it ticks most of the boxes on my check-list.

I am planning to transfer large amounts of data, and I would like to know what USB speeds I can expect. I've googled around and found little real-life information on the matter. The AT91SAM3X8E can do USB 2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbits/sec), but I would like to hear from somebody with practical experience.

What are the typical USB send and receive speeds (to and from the PC) that you are getting?

Thanks in advance, rdiez

well in my example i get an upload speed of max 9600 baud, i send a file of 75k to the due.

i tryed using serialUSB.readbytes(var,number of byte) and make a while loop. boot speeds stays the same.

Maybe someone have beter performance, i realy would know it. USB CDC should go faster than this.