Typing in the web editor is laggy

This is happening to some of my students and I. We are using arduino.cc in Google Chrome. Sometimes (often enough to report it here) when we type, the editor doesn't respond, unless we click with the mouse on the screen. Then we can type one character. The editor becomes unresponsive to the keyboard, until we click the mouse in the web editor. Then it accepts another character.
This forces us to use the standalone web editor. My students have free accounts, but I am paying for mine and I sometimes experience this lag with my paid account.
Is this a known issue? I searched and could not find a mention of this in this category of the forum.
Thank you for any help that you might give.

I've experienced the same behavior with the regular Arduino Web Editor.

Hi again... with more tranquility, I went to Chrome / File / Clear Browsing Data
and cleared data for the last hour, and the editor became responsive. I will report back if Clearing Browsing Data does not continue to fix the lagginess. Hope that helps someone.