Typing in unicode

Is it possible to use the Keyboard library to type Unicode characters too? (e.g. emoji's, Cyrillic characters, etc.)

If it requires a 3rd-party library to do it, I'm fine with that too.

Unicode characters can be typed with their ALT code, for example 'é' is ALT + 130. I can't test the Keyboard library, so I don't know if it works, but maybe you can simply do:

Keyboard.press( KEY_LEFT_ALT );
Keyboard.press( '1' );
Keyboard.press( '3' );
Keyboard.press( '0' );

That's great for things like accented characters, but I was hoping it would work for emojis, and, as far as I know, emojis don't have alt codes.

Does anyone know how? Also, if it's impossible, tell me.

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