U.FL, XBee, is this defective or...

Alright guys, here's an easy one. I've never dealt with an issue quite like this before.

I have a couple of series 2 XBees with U.FL connectors and some antennae to go with those XBees. My problem's real simple...I just cannot get the U.FL connectors to mate.

At first I thought the antennae were defective, (it looked like the connectors had a bit of a weird shape), so I sent out an RMA to get replacements. I got the replacements, and I still have the same problem. Yes, I've considered that the XBee could be the issue, but I've tried both of them with multiple antennae, so it seems unlikely. Also, the U.FL connectors on the XBees look pretty much perfect.

Here's a (blurry) picture that I took of the XBee and an antenna connector, if that helps at all. (The connector and XBee are aiming directly at the camera.)

Well thanks guys, hopefully I'm just doing something wrong :sweat_smile: