U10: ATECC508A-MAHDA - IoT For 4K?

Hello All,

Was wondering why the MKR Vidor 4K isn't in the current cloud lineup?

ATECC508A-MAHDA - U10 is there - correct?

TIA, John W. P.S. - Posted in Vidor forum but radio silence there.

hi @jwestmoreland

thank you for posting this here, it's definitely the place when it comes to IoT Cloud :)

As we move forward with this product we work on implementing more and more boards. At the moment we're prioritising interactions, data models and new dashboard features, but we have a few boards to launch support for which are set to launch soon. I'm not sure Vidor will be in the next batch, but I can teach you a trick to make it work if you want to play with it. Of course it will only work with boards running the same microcontroller and WiFi module as the MKR WiFi 1010.

This won't make the board officially supported in case of issues, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • connect your vidor to your machine and launch the Arduino IDE
  • open the "Blink" example
  • select "MKR WiFi 1010" as target board
  • upload this sketch

your Vidor will now be recognised as a MKR WiFi 1010, so you can run the Getting Started for Arduino IoT Cloud.

once you get out of the whole process, upload the Blink example again using the right board as target (MKR Vidor 4000), this will restore the right VID/PID and your board will be correctly identified again. You now have a Vidor 4000 provisioned for IoT Cloud.

Hope that works out for you, let me know what you do with it :)

Hello ubidefeo,

I tried what you suggested - but it failed crypto authentication - I had the debug monitor running - and it definitely seemed to try to authenticate - I saw a similar issue with the Nano IoT - after it downloaded (and failed crypto) - I downloaded the Wifi Web Blink app - and then was able to use the IoT console to blink the onboard LED (D13).

Not sure but maybe since this is still beta there's an issue with that web page getting authentication back all AOK.

I'll be able to try that method a little later - I had thought of this as well since the 1010 is basically a subset of the Vidor 4K.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks, John