U8G Library SSD1322 Contrast not working

U8G Library, OLED 256 x 64, SSD1322 controller

Constructor U8GLIB_NHD31OLED_GR u8g (2 bit)

setContrast is not working, display is always about half brightness

I tried U8GLIB_NHD31OLED_BW (1 bit) and it gives maximum brightness but with white bands at sides of display

I compared the two c files (u8g_dev_ssd1322_nhd31oled_bw.c and u8g_dev_ssd1322_nhd31oled_gr.c) and found the setContrast address wrong 0x81 instead of 0xc1 but changing this did not help.

Has anyone found a fix for this?


with the "BW" constructor the u8g.setContrast(0...255) should work but with
the "GR" you should use the u8g.setColorIndex (0...3).