[u8g2] PinChange interrupt

Hello, I need to control the LED backlit of my EA DOGM128. Whenever the user pushes one of the 6 control buttons it turns on, after some minutes if no interaction happens then the backlit is turned off.

The problem is that when u8g2.userInterfaceSelectionList or u8g2.userInterfaceInputValue are called the main loop looses control over interaction with the user. I've tried using pinChange interrupt on the same pins handled by u8g2 but that makes the code non-working.

How can I append my turn_backlit_ON() routing to u8g2 switches handling?


Of course i like people to use the userInteface... procedures from U8g2, but they always had been intended more like an example for what could be possible with u8g2. So from that perspective the user interface procedures just run forever until a suitable button is pressed.

I will think about a solution from u8g2 library side...

Until then i suggest to use a timer interrupt, which turns off the display after a while.


Actually I am already turning it off in this way...the problem is that it can't be turned on from within the userInteface loop because because I can't use pinchange ISR.