U8glib code 240x64 LCD diplay with T6963c IC - Connections and compatibility

Hi all,

Fairly new to all this, but have tried getting some more information regarding getting the above mentioned display working with the U8glib code. Im still in the planning phase…

From everything Ive seen I cant make out if an UNO V3 will be sufficient to drive the display? Ive seen that the used pins can be altered in the code, however talking about pins 14 and above seems to get me…
If anyone has done this or has advice regarding this, your input will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Yes, I did this with an Arduino Uno: See here:

If you are still in planung phase, then I suggest (A) to use u8g2 instead and (B) consider a SPI based display, which is faster and requires lesser GPIO lines. Something like this: 20P/24P SPI COG 25664 LCD Screen (Board/No Board) ST75256 Controller 3.3V 5V White Backlight I2C/Parallel Interface|lcd module|cog lcd module3.3v lcd module - AliExpress

Or a with higher resolution: https://github.com/olikraus/u8g2/wiki/gallery#11-oct-2017-st75256-jlx256128

Or (more expensive, but better readability) a DOGM240 display: https://www.lcd-module.de/produkte/dog.html

In general T6963 based display are a little bit outdated. Power consumption is very high, contrast often requires an external negative voltage (usually -15V, check whether your boards comes with a negative voltage converter), contrast has to be adjusted with a variable resistor. Modern chips like the ST75256 offer build in voltage generation and electronic contrast adjustment. LED backlight is much more advanced. For the DOGM240 you could even select between different LED backlights.
Only drawback for the ST75256 based displays: You need a 3.3V level converter for the Uno (e.g. 74HC4050).


Edit: When ordering ST75256 based displays, always order 3.3V version and use a level converter (74HC4050) for 5V Arduino boards.

Thanks Oliver!

The only reason I'm using that display is because I didn't have to pay for it :slight_smile: The part came out of an older model fire detection panel that wasn't used anymore. But I do think if the newer model SPI based displays are easier to get working I will probably just get one of them.

The only reason I'm using that display is because I didn't have to pay for it

Sure, then it makes fully sense. If the negative voltage generator is included, then it would be a good deal.