UartSbee/Explorer Regulated/Breakout Board in Sleep Mode


I'm testing out on these 3 systems on Xbee recently. Gonna interface them with the Arduino Board but now testing them as they are.

I'm using cyclic sleep mode and what happened is this - For the UartSbee, it works fine. For Explorer Regulated and Breakout Board, both of them are unable to sleep it seems.

Here's how I test them.
I use some python code to write and read frames across API mode. First, the Coordinator Xbee will continuously send then receive frames with interval between each cycle of 5 seconds. Next, the Router Xbee will continuously receive and send frames with interval between each cycle of 5 seconds too.

However, the Router and Coordinator Xbee set the Sleep time to be 25seconds (9C4 on SP).

This means that there'll be a 20second lag for the Router Xbee to receive the sent packets from Coordinator Xbee.

I've timed for UartSbee for 20 cycles and they are fine. However, for the other two setups, they simply keep sending and receiving almost oblivious of the sleep mode. The only thing I do is pluck the Xbee out of each setup and pluck it into the next one. This means that no settings are changed. Is it possible that the other two setups aren't able to work in cyclic sleep mode?