UartSBEE to Uno upload problem

Hallo dear people!

Following problem:

I have an Sainsmart UNO and UartSBee COM-Adapter, I also have an AVRISPMKII.

This is my connection:


RX------------------------->TX(Pin1) TX------------------------->RX(Pin0) RTS --> Capacitor(100nF)-->RESET GND----------------------->GND VCC------------------------>5V

I have managed to burn bootloader of Duemilanove (This board ist using FTDI just like the UartSBee).

Now I upload first time the code and this is working! But If I do this second time I get the famous "programmer not responding" error. I have to upload the bootloader again. After uploading I can again upload only one time any code.

Just before I had problems because I connected DTR Pin to RESET, now after some reading in forums I found I have to connect to the RTS Pin. There is difference. I take multimeter and see that DTR pin not going low after I click the upload button but RTS Pin does. On second upload the RTS is also not going low.

How to solve this? Is it false capacitor? Overwritten bootloader?

Thank you!

I think I have managed myself how to solve this.

I just had to replace after burn of bootloader the capacitor from 100nF to 1uF.

Thats all!