Ublox m8n and Quectel L76

Hi. In my RC boat model I used the ublox m8n, the precision was great at 1 meter to the point. I switched to the quectel L76, unfortunately the precision is often 3-5 meters. Does anyone have experience using both? both are advertised at CEP <2.5. Thanks.

How do you know? Unless the unit is averaging for an extended period of time, the location reported ALWAYS varies with the number and positions of satellites in the sky, nearby obstacles and overhead obstructions.

To see how your GPS units are really performing, make a "wander plot" over a period of some hours. Here is one using the UBlox Neo-6M, data taken for just 12 minutes.

Use the UBlox U-Center program to produce the plot.

Just for fun, I just now made a new deviation plot using the newer, much more advanced C94-M8P from UBlox, with an active antenna. Data collected for 15 minutes.

Post yours for comparison.

Where did you get the L76 from, a reputable local supplier, or cheap on eBay/Aliexpress ?

Yes, from a reputable local supplier.

Can I generate such a deviation map online? I have no way to connect to the program. I can have data directly from gps.


Why not? It is free to download and runs on any Windows machine.

Otherwise, collect the data anyway you can, subtract the average coordinates, convert to meters and plot.