ublox neo-6m

I received yesterday the ublox neo-6m GPS module for my arduino. hooked it up downloaded the TinyGPS++ library and run som tests as you can see in the attached file it took some time until I received satelite data. I placed the GPS in the front window of my car. I got 2 issues with the reading first is regarding the number of satelites first it showed only 3 and after a couple of minutes none but Lat and Long was received ok. The second issue is with the altitude I got no reading for that. The code I used is the basic code from the library only chaged the GPS baud rate to 9600 as the neo should have this baud rate.

Anybody had similar issues?

gps.txt (74.8 KB)

With 3 satellites, the GPS receiver can only determine your 2D position: lat/long. You will need 4 satellites to determine your 3D position: lat,long and altitude. With good reception, you should be able to receive 9 or more satellites.

Perhaps the surrounding buildings are blocking reception?