Ublox NEO6MV2 GPS Module power consumtion

Hi everybody! I am trying to make a GPS project using a Arduino nano, a OLED 0.96’ screen and of course Ublox NEO6MV2 GPS Module. The problem is that the GPS module seems to consumes a lot of power. For example if a use a 9V , 1000ma from a transformer the power is not enough to support all the components meaning that the OLED doesn’t even lights when the GPS module is powered and if I disconnect the GPS module from power the screen lights normally… The only time that the system worked as it should (so the wiring and the code are ok) was when I used a 1000mA, 11.1V lipo battery. But only for a short period, maybe 10 minutes. Is that normal? Any suggestions for the power supply?

The correlators in a GPS unit are quite power-hungry, yes, that's fairly normal.

Thanks you for your replay.
So, the answer to the problem is to use a larger capacity ,for example 2000ma, power supply?

I just measured the current draw of my Neo6M at around 45 milliamps. That is on a breadboard with a stand alone 328. I measured the current to the 328 by itself (15mA), then connected the GPS and let it get a lock, then re-measured the current. The total current was 60mA so the GPS draws 45 mA.

So, groundfungus what power supply you use? 45mA sounds reasonable and this why i cannot understand why i have problems to power the project....

I am using this USB to TTL converter USB to TTL converter

Thank you for your replays groundfungus. Your project is USB powered which means 500mA maximum current, right? I think i will do what you did, measure the current separately for each component. Still it doesn’t make any sense, theoretically the transformer delivers more current that the USB….

According to the spec, worst case power consumption by the Neo-6M is 67mA. Absolute Maximum for the Nano is 200mA. There is something else wrong.

Exactly which OLED module do you have? Some take 3.3V, 5V, or both. Putting a higher voltage than specified could cause a large current draw. Does anything get hot?

Also, the TX/RX pins to the GPS are 3.3V, not 5V. This could be drawing extra current, but not a lot.

I run a Mega, Neo-6M and several other modules off of USB, so you should be able to run the Nano+GPS with no problem.


Hi Dev! Thanks for your replay. The OLED has four pins, Vcc (5V), GND, SDA, SLC. I use SoftwareSerial so the GPS is not connected to the Rx-Tx Arduino pins, i use pins 3 and 4... Also i use 5v supply fro the GPS module...

I found the problem...It was the Arduino Vin pin or the Arduino regulator... The thing is when i changed the Arduino board everything worked as it should!!!!

Hello yiannis,

I have a project that has to the same components.
Can you tell me which battery have you used, and the time before turn off?

Thank you