Hi, i have been 3 days sorting this out, but i came to the conclusion and repeatability of this bug.

When you install the plug in, your are asked 3 times for your password and after that the progress bar will stop at 93%. Now your HDD will fail on reboot.

The bad thing is that when you reboot, your HDD will have severe blocks damage. With no repair! I had to reinstall my operative system more than 5 times because of this bug. Be very carefull, This bug left an ALERT tag on my HDD saying that it will die soon.

I am not kidding about this bug, i made it repeatable. I am no expert in bug reporting but there you go.

Hope this helps people not to damage their HDDS.

Sorry for my english.


Hi @webchimex, We are all using Ubuntu with all different versions and never found this. That is more likely a bug in Ubuntu itself.

Just wondering, are you using an encrypted filesystem?

The block damage of the HDD is completely unrelated to the plugin. If you have an HDD Alert it is more likely your HDD is pretty old and then damaged so writing on disk our plugin just hit a broken block and your system crashed.

Please give us your

/var/log/syslog and dmesg to investigate further since you are able to reproduce.

Hi, yea .. strange thing right? here i send you the info requested. i have a clean system since i just reinstalled yesterday.
Funny thing is that i did that 5 times because i kept installing system and doing my normal system set up, and all 5 times at the end i was setting up my arduino environment and installing the plugin. So after 5 times i started to realize what was going on. So i did 2 more installs to check repeatability and in fact, after installing the plugin (actually could not fully install it kept at 93%, but i could still use the plugin) and rebooting the hdd blocks where damaged.

In fact the hdd still presents damage, the thing is that it wont fail until i run the plug in.
Anyway i am installing again today with new a brand new hdd and will keep you posted.

Syslog and dmesg as attachements.



dmesg.txt (67.3 KB)

syslog.txt (2.03 KB)


from what I see this is an ACPI issue and your Sata controller is not looking right and the critical error appears at the mount time. Maybe you have a customer /etc/fstab or you played a bit with the partitions.

Maybe you have a wrong UUID partitioning - Ubuntu 15.10 boot very slow (cgroup: new mount options do not match the existing superblock, will be ignored) Solution - Ask Ubuntu and 15.04 - very slow boot - Ask Ubuntu and when someone is writing on that disk than it fails.

[ 6.772272] EXT4-fs (sda1): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro
[ 7.169508] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000428-0x000000000000042F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000400-0x000000000000047F (\PMIO) (20150619/utaddress-254)

Here is clear the /dev/sda1 partition is clearly broken.



Hi Again, i still have problems with arduino create now on 16.04.

First the plugin on all my installations on all kind of Ubuntus is messy, its giving me installation problems. here is some more errors for your delight:

after asking for permission separate times for /bin/cp, /usr/sbin/update-ca-certificates and (dont know what for) /usr/bin/apt-get
it throws this error:

Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly
Error running /home/feb/ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1/certmgr.sh /home/feb/ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1/ca.cert.pem: certutil: function failed: SEC_ERROR_BAD_DATABASE: security library: bad database.

This one if after another error that i could not copy and paste, anyway the plug in is there but guess guat, cant detect any arduino and then it changes to tell me to go download it again.

You can tell me really that ALL of you are running ubuntu of all kind of versions and never ran into this errors? Well i can tell you that i have 5 different machines with all kind of ubuntu versions and all of them have thrown errors of different magnitude.

I am not here to tell your errors, i am here trying to help, i really wanted the create editor to work for me because i am a cloud lover, but unfortunately this is not going to be my cookie.

I suggest you to pick some random computers with never installed plugin or fresh out of the box ubuntu installations and start running some tests. if you tell me you dont get anything it might be that maybe the gravity is stronger with bytes here where i live.

I dont require feedback on this report, i already know whats wrong.
Anyway... thanks

(Luca, of course sda partition is broken, the installation plug in broke it, not one time, but several installations different machinesand installations, that happen mainly on pre 16.04 versions, i did install it again now, and i can assure you i will have to fix it one more) (also dont need feedback on this, i know whats wrong)



wx=0.280210, wy=0.296000, rx=0.647330, ry=0.336360
gx=0.289040, gy=0.605200, bx=0.123500, by=0.042400
INFO[0000] Version:1.0.25
INFO[0000] Hostname: carbon
INFO[0000] Garbage collection is on using Standard mode, meaning we just let Golang determine when to garbage collect.
INFO[0000] You specified a serial port regular expression filter: usb|acm|com

INFO[0000] Your serial ports:
INFO[0000] {/dev/ttyACM0 0x0043 0x2341 false}

[GIN-debug] [WARNING] Running in "debug" mode. Switch to "release" mode in production.

  • using env: export GIN_MODE=release
  • using code: gin.SetMode(gin.ReleaseMode)

[GIN-debug] GET / --> main.homeHandler (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] GET /certificate.crt --> main.certHandler (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] DELETE /certificate.crt --> main.deleteCertHandler (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] POST /upload --> main.uploadHandler (2 handlers)
INFO[0000] Inside run of serialhub
[GIN-debug] GET /socket.io/ --> main.*WsServer.ServeHTTP·fm (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] POST /socket.io/ --> main.*WsServer.ServeHTTP·fm (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] WS /socket.io/ --> main.*WsServer.ServeHTTP·fm (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] WSS /socket.io/ --> main.*WsServer.ServeHTTP·fm (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] GET /info --> main.infoHandler (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] POST /killbrowser --> main.killBrowserHandler (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] POST /pause --> main.pauseHandler (2 handlers)
[GIN-debug] POST /update --> main.updateHandler (2 handlers)
[ERR] bonjour: Failed to bind to udp6 port: listen udp6 :5353: bind: address already in use
[GIN-debug] Listening and serving HTTPS on
[GIN-debug] Listening and serving HTTP on
[GIN-debug] [ERROR] listen tcp bind: address already in use
INFO[0000] Error trying to bind to port: listen tcp bind: address already in use, so exiting...
[GIN-debug] Listening and serving HTTP on
http: TLS handshake error from tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake
INFO[0001] Sending err back: We could not find the serial port /dev/ttyACM0 that you were trying to close.
INFO[0001] called restart
INFO[0001] Starting new spjs process
INFO[0001] exePath using osext: /home/feb/ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1/Arduino_Create_Bridge

&{/home/feb/ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1/Arduino_Create_Bridge [/home/feb/ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1/Arduino_Create_Bridge -ls -regex usb|acm|com -gc std -hibernate] [] [] false [] [] [] [] }
FATA[0001] Exited current spjs for restart