Ubuntu Arduino IDE Boardmanager error

with my new Ubuntu installation I run into an error. Via Ubuntu 20.04 Software Manager I can install Arduino 1.8.13. It works and a board is selectable via the Boardmanager. However once I have install the 8266 Extension via the Librarymanager, I'm no longer able to select a Board. The BoardManager shows the Arduino and 8266 categories, however it doesn't show the sub-selection for the categories.

On Windows it works without problems.

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What happens if you try it with the official version downloaded from the software page here?:

The reason I ask is because the version of the Arduino IDE you get from Software Manager has been modified in unknown ways by a 3rd party in order to meet the requirements for inclusion in the package manager repository (and perhaps some additional changes that weren't required). So you might be encountering an issue that doesn't occur when using the official Arduino IDE.

There shouldn't be any problem with having both the official version and the package manager version installed at the same time on your computer, so you can try out the official version without needing to first uninstall the package manager version. Just download the file, extract, and run the "arduino" executable you see in the extracted folder.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will give it a try and respond.

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Bingo - with the install from the tar-ball it works. Thanks a lot!.

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I'm glad to hear it's working now. Thank you for taking the time to post an update. That will be very useful information for others who have the same problem. Enjoy!