Ubuntu laptop completely locks up when uploading sketches to Nano IoT 33

I have been using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for a while now (more recently as PopOS). I used to be fine, happily uploading sketches to my Arduino Nano… since I got the Nano IoT 33, things have stopped working!

Now when I upload any sketch, my entire laptop freezes. I have to use the shutdown button and reboot to get out of it. I see nothing in any of the logs (that I know of), the IDE gives zero sign that anything is wrong etc…

Currently, when I do a fresh install of Ubuntu and install the 64-bit Arduino linux IDE following all (AFAIK) the instructions and installation scripts… it works, then after a few uses… reverts back to the issue!

Unfortunately I no longer have my old Nano, so am currently unable to verify for sure whether its the new Nano IoT 33 that’s the issue.

I appreciate that this is a wide-ranging issue, and that many users report IDE crashes etc. on Linux (often due to missing some installation step). However I can’t find anything I’m missing, nor does anyone else seem to have their entire system freeze on them!

Perhaps someone with more linux knowledge than me can suggest where the issue might be coming from?

Thank you!!

Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using?