Ubuntu (Mint 15) cannot program a DUE

apt-get will load v1.1.0.3 +dfsg-2, which is 8 bit, but not 1.5.5. I even tried su -c 'apt-get install arduino 1.5.5' root It gives some good sounding messages about 1.5.5, but loads the same old version. I just changed over from Win7, & need to get back to work on the DUE. Below is what it says:

su -c 'apt-get install arduino 1.5.5' root Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Note, selecting 'libghc-ghc-events-prof-' for regex '1.5.5' Note, selecting 'libghc-ghc-events-dev-' for regex '1.5.5' Note, selecting 'libghc-ghc-events-dev' instead of 'libghc-ghc-events-dev-' Note, selecting 'libghc-ghc-events-prof' instead of 'libghc-ghc-events-prof-' libghc-ghc-events-dev is already the newest version.

In the end its the same old package. Synaptic Package ManagerSynaptic Package Manager does not allow me to force a version [Ctrl E] either. I just don't think they have a link to a package that can run DUE.

I downloaded off of arduino.cc, & have v1.5.5 sitting in downloads, I even have it in documents; but I do not know how to lead Linux by the nose to it. [yet].

Download IDE v1.5.5 from the Arduino site. Click the Download link at the top of this page. Unpack it in a local directory. After unpacking, navigate to the arduino-1.5.5 directory where you unpacked it (Downloads for me). I use Krusader for that part. In that folder is an executable file called arduino. Run it. You will get v1.5.5.

You can't move that executable because it is directory dependent, so I make a symlink and move the symlink to my desktop.

I have done the same with Ubuntu for several versions. I have IDE v1.0.1 through v1.5.5 installed in my Ubuntu box. I am currently using v1.5.5.

When you say run it; would I [alternatively to krusade] be using the konsole to cd to the directory then just type in arduino? I don't remember trying that. [amongst everything else.] One of the key things you just taught me is that files are directory dependent. [Thank You - that is significant to me].

I don't know what krusader does, but I will in a few minutes. I learned since my first post that synaptics is not reloading to get the new updates; [hits on a bunch, but fails on translators & gives up with ared screen of rejection].

I read in my searching today the Ubuntu is not going to include synaptic anymore as of their nightly builds post v1.10.1 or something close to that. They will use software center, which I downloaded [using synaptic], but it does not run on Mint.

Reportedly, that will take some file editing, changing font case mostly, like changing LinuxMint.py to linuxmint.py, [reportedly at line 36]. I finished downloading wine a few minutes ago during dinner [before reading your reply], to see if it would run the 1.5.5 32bit windows version, but I really don't want to use it unless I really [really] need it to convert a file or something; if I can stay native. wine got mixed reviews, I believe because it tends to run older versions of things like Office 2003 & 32 bit stuff- the gamers complained the most followed by those who could not install it.

I don't know what a symlink is other than the bigclue from it's name, but I will tonight after I get krusader. I had 1.5.5 extracted in 2 places, one of which is downloads. [which triggered my first post], as as such, with your help may be moments away from happily getting back to work with DUE.

Big Thanks from JZ.

You can use a command prompt (terminal) to start the program also. Something like this.

cd ./Downloads/arduino-1.5.5

Like I said, I use Krusader (or Nautilus if you prefer) to run it initially to insure it works, create the symlink, and move the symlink to my desktop. Once that is done, you can double click the symlink on your desktop and it runs that IDE version.

edit: Krusader and Nautilus are file manager applications, like Windows Explorer.

A symlink is the same as a shortcut in Windows. This same thing applies to Windows also, You can't move the arduino.exe file either. Right click the arduino executable while in a file manager app, and it should offer a "create link" or "create symlink" option, just like Windows Explorer offers a "create shortcut" option.

Thank you. As Krusader, Midnite Commander, which I use hearkens back to the venerable old XTREE. Windows explorer, was as close as we could get with windows always held a prominent place on my desktop.

Symlink appears to hearken back to the alias command in the berkely extensions version of unix circa 1995, and the great old Dos batch file.

What I learned last night , given the information you had so generously provided, was to remove the version from usr/bin, [I can always get that any time with synaptic]; & reading reviews of wine, coupled with a complaint from arduino about the width [ noticing [ELF64] mentioned in the message], that all one needs to do is to:

download the 32 bit version for Linux, [the DUE, being 32 bit won’t care if you are not using 64],
cruise over to the place you extracted to, [using krusader, mc, or any favorite XTREE derivative],
open the terminal, [which will put you right there],
& type in ./arduino [enter].
Wham Blam, there it is: 1.5.5.
~/arduino32bit/arduino-1.5.5/arduino-1.5.5 > ./arduino

Now on to use symlink - good day ahead. Thanks SurferTim, Tunnelsup, & of course, Jeremy Blum for assisting newbies.