Ubuntu serial port greyed out


I've got Ubuntu with an Arduino UNO. I've got the editor setup and when I run the editor as

#sudo arduino

I can use the board on /dev/ttyACM0 but when I start normally without super user privilages the menu item in "Tools" -> "Serial Port" is just greyed out.

I've read several posts saying that you should add your own user permissions to /dev/ttyACM0 but that you had to do this every time it starts up.

Is there a better more permanent way of setting this up.



Hi, welcome to the forum.

In Ubuntu I remove all the Arduino things from the repositories and I use a minimal Java. So I don't have Arduino or avrdude or Java RX TX installed.
Then I download the compressed file and unpack it in a folder, and run it from that folder.

You have to add yourself to the dialout group, to use the serial ports. I think it is : sudo adduser dialout
With the newest Arduino IDE 1.6.4 I have sometime to restart the Arduino IDE because once in a while the serial port is not visible.

To use avrdude from the command line, I have added a rule.