UCS1903 Led Strip

Hi all!

I bought a UCS1903 led strip in order to create sequences by addressing leds individually. I were able by using FastLED library to create sequences but each 3 leds.

The strip contains a UCS1903 each 3 leds, do I have a possibility to access every led with FastLED library or any other, or I'm limited to program it every 3 leds?

Thanks a lot!

FastLED library documentation say that it's similar to TM1809 chip. Found the datasheet and it have 14 pins instead of the UCS1903 that have 8 pins.

TM1809 also have a chip by every 3 leds, but it has 9 driver outputs, three color PWM control by each of three leds.

Seems that I'm fired.

Yes basically it is the way your strip is wired. The LEDs are in seriese in groups of three so there is no individual control over them. Get a strip based on the WS2812b LED.

Actually better to get a strip based on the APA102 these days. The WS2812, while having the advantage of availability and cost for a long time, has some serious issues and limitations, not the least of which being a slow PWM refresh rate as well as a requirement for disabling interrupts that interferes with the ability to work nicely with a variety of other libraries on the arduino.