udev rules for arduino uno - linux mint (Rosa)

I have an application lets call it PathPilot that had an arduino Uno connected as a device.
with Linux gnome i had a rule which allowed the Uno to operate and be seen by linux and the application.
The pathpilot vendors have upgraded their software and now use linux mint.
my arduino rules have stopped working Obviously re entered via command prompt nano /sudo su.

lsusb will display the devices but the application cant see them
any suggestions

What is your "pathpilot" program expecting to see?

I'm using Linux Mint on this laptop and I have never had to do anything to get my Uno or Mega working with it. The first one appears as ttyACM0 and if I connect a second it appears and ttyACM1. IIRC it was the same with Puppy Linux and Ubuntu

Do you have access rights for the Serial port? You need to be a member of the dialout group.


Hi Rob,
its the Tormach CNC Pathpilot Rev2 software, tormachpcnc is the user with the dialout privilidges. I have not been challenged for any password so as far as i know the structure is reasonably open.
The old pathpilot version 1.9.8 accepted rules that i created

#Arduino Uno Auto Tool Changer
#Arduino Nano Auto Tool Changer (CH340 Bus IC)

The first is for the teensy which works fine the other two are a Uno and a Nano
simply creating the rules in the old linux OS Gnome worked fine.

entering the same rules into this new Mint os isnt working.

Ive come across some instruction on the web indicating the creation of a new user, is this the most logical way or is it possible to do somthing to get the rules accepted.


Like 99.9% of the population i know very little about linux and learning as i go along.

as i dont know the structure i dont know if there is a way that makes the os block devices.

Pathpilot is installed from its own image and builds the os as its installed as a dedicated cnc control application. It might be a stripped down version of Mint.

I have created UDEV rules in the past but I am not sufficiently familiar with them to offer advice.

Pathpilot is installed from its own image and builds the os as its installed as a dedicated cnc control application.

Sounds as if this is a question for the Pathpilot folks.