UDP (Art-Net),recodering nd Playback

Hey, guys I'd like to start a project that could realtime recoder the packets from an ArtNet(UPD) stream,and replay them to the broadcast with the same data.
As the Uno has limited memory, I have no idea from where to begin.
I consider to write the channel value (0~255) to a image file(512*512 maxiuim), and combine them into a video clips, then convert it back to UDP data...
Any ideas or projects ?

An Arduino is definitely the wrong choice if it comes to image handling. Don't you think that if you cannot handle images you should also forget anything that even scratches video?

You might take a look at ARM-based Linux machines as p.e. the Raspberry Pi.

thanks pylon, yes I found that only other plantform should be better choise, and I found an example on http://www.pixoutserver.com/
which is a good solution