UDP Broadcast XML Parser Bowling Alley

Hi People! Im a newbee!

I want to use the arduino Uno w/Ethernet to send out a signal to the pins when a STRIKE apears on a lane.

I have a bowling server that UDP broadcasts following XML. UDP Broadcast port = 0x7707 (dec: 30471)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> %d %s %d %s 0x%03X %d %d %d

Right now i use “Packet Sender” to transmit the same output on my test bench.
And i have used following script and im recieving the udp broadcast.

But here my skills goes no longer. Now i need a XML parser included that uses lane and consecutive strikes.
I guess the consecutive striks needs to set a flag to remember when a new strike is made.

I want to make a output on pins for each lane. 8 lanes in total.

Please help. What to do now?

Best regards

If you have managed to get the message into the packetBuffer character array on the Arduino then write some code to look for the key strings. I would start by just trying to find the tags and print out the lane number.