UDP library - send direct to URL?

Hi, I'm trying to send UDP packets between two arduinos at two different houses. Both locations use a DynDNS service, giving a URL to use instead of having to look up the IP every time it changes. Can I put a hostname directly into the Udp.beginPacket() function instead of an IP? I know this can be done with client.connect(), and I looked at both libraries and both seem to call the same DNS functions in the Ethernet library, so I assume it can be done? If it can't, I suppose I'd have to find someway to use ethernet client's DNS feature to then resolve an IP to pass to the UDP code which seems clunky.

Thanks, tk

So what was the result when you tried it?

Here is a UDP sketch that uses DNS to resolve a NTP server domain (pool.ntp.org) to an ip. You can borrow the parts you need from it. http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=167184.msg1364572#msg1364572

Ah, that seems to answer my question that it is possible. I should be trying it in a couple days and hopefully it works.