UDP listner iPhone app

Hi to all,
I have developed an iPhone/iPad app called iDatanet which lets you listen to a stream of UDP data off a specified port with a very simple protocol:
iDataNet@var1;val1@var2;val2@var3;val3 (… etc …)

It works great, but I need some people to help me test it out and see if there are any bugs and try using it with Arduino boards.
The app is currently free and can be downloaded at:

In the app you can then configure various pages with displays showing the incoming pairs of variables (or labels) and values (which can be numbers or words). If you find this useful and have managed to use it with an Arduino board be sure to let me know!
Here is a video of iDataNet in action:


Hi Cyrille,

We have threads about Arduino TCP v.s. UDP. You might be the person in better position to tell us why you selected UDP v.s. TCP.

Arduino TCP v.s. UDP threads is here;-

for return I will test your app at iphone and ipad and with different IOS version as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards,

Sonny Yu

Hi Sonny,
Thanks for your reply. Basically I selected UDP because of its radio broadcasting properties. No hand-shaking involved, just a UDP listener. Usually it is a lot easier to put in place and I am hoping that people will use iDataNet for any number of applications, in any number of fields. Thanks for the links you sent, they are very interesting. I understand the advantages of TCP but I opted for the simplicity of UDP, and the ease for people to program any device for sending data out.