UDP on the Yun


I'm trying to convert this ArtNet sketch to work with the Arduino Yun:

I have the following challenges to work out:

  • As the sketch is based on a Arduino + Ethernet Shield configuration, i'll have to rewrite some of the code. What should i change to match the network configuration of the ethernet shield to the Yun? The YunServer and YunClient perhaps? I'm a bit lost here..

  • Also, the sketch uses UDP and i read somewhere that the Yun is not able to use UDP as of now? Is that correct? Is this sketch impossible with my Yun? :-/

Thanks and best regards,


Low level UDP is not currently possible directly from the yun, you need to delegate that to some python script
YunServer and YunClient were thought as a drop-in replacement for their Ethernet/Wifi counter parts

i am interested in this too and will keep on checking back in the hopes someone get this working.