UDP Port sniffer Help

Have a working 24 node mixed PC UNO WiFi with ESP D1 R2 and NodeMCU bards.

Broadcast and Board to board communication over UDP all tested and fully operational.

I need help with or just to know if possible and how to enable listening to port 2390 all ip's not just the Broadcast and set IP without enabling a full promiscuous mode.

Basically I need to produce a UDP to USB(NAT) bridge for port 2390.

I have tried listening to IP "192,168.0.0" & "" on the outside chance that would listen to all IP's instead it filtering to just the 0/255 IP with no luck (works but only point to point & point to all).

My work around is using IP 254 as the Bridge/Router device but that requires doubling the network traffic because all packets must go to there destination IP and the Bridge/Router (IP 254)

Any help on how to accomplish without out a full promiscuous mode which the UNO WiFi does not have the power to handle.