UDP server to receive OSC messages on arduino uno board

i am actually using a open source software called OPENVIBE wich has OSC box which sends OSC messages through UDP protocol. My aim is to use these messages to control some external device through arduino uno board. and to do so if i am not wrong i have to create an UDP server over my arduino side,but i have no idea how to create an UDP server over arduino side so that i can receive the messages and how to interpret the messages and to make use of it.
the OSC box available in the software OPENVIBE i have mentioned has the following settings only

OSC Server IP

OSC Server Port

OSC Address(The OSC Address specifying the device the messages are intended to)

can anyone please help me out with this ,thank you!

but i have no idea how to create an UDP server over arduino side

Fortunately, the examples in the Ethernet library do. That assumes that you have an Ethernet shield. If not, you can forget UDP, then.

sir i have the ethernet shield now and uploaded the UDP send receive sketch on the arduino board. now the thing is that whether i m running the software that is supposed to send data to the arduino or not, i m getting something over the serial monitor which i have no idea what it is actually. i m attaching the screen shots showing what i m getting
in the sketch i have entered the ip address,local port and mac address of the local area connection which got established when i connected the ethernet shield to my computer.
sir please tell me what is the point i am missing.
thank you…



It appears your "server" is working. Now you must determine the format of the packets.

thank you guys for your attention and kind reply

sir it seems that the UDP send receive sketch is expecting some character values. are u talking about this format of packet.

but still i have doubt even if the OSC client is sending data of some other format through the UDP packets , still i must able to see something as it must show some characters corresponding to the ASCII values of the received data.

and one more thing whether i am running the OSC client or not i can always view these values whenever i open the serial console in arduino IDE.

i am a bit confused and stuck, wondering what is the point i am missing out
can anyone please help me out of this, thank you