UDP with Due and W5100 Ethernet Shield Slowdown on Multiple Ports

Hi folks,

I am running Due with W5100 shield to control strips of LEDs. The problem I am having is when I send say 1200 bytes of data via UDP to Due on a single port, it runs fine. But when I split that 1200 bytes into two packets of 600 bytes, sent to two different ports, then the processing slows way down.

Has anybody experienced this problem before when sending data to multiple udp ports?

I tried to send to just 2 bytes to the second port, same thing.

And when I tried to send to 3 ports, it gets even worse.

Thank you!

Can you be more specific about the speed you are talking about? How fast are you transferring packets, and exactly how much does it slow down?

Maybe something in your code? It might help to post it.

Do you get the same result if you split the 1200 bytes into two packets and send them to the same port?