UHF RFID Arduino


I am hoping to begin a project where I will be integrating a UHF RFID reader with my Arduino Uno/Mega.

But first I would like to know your opinions and tips before beginning to purchase my components.

I am hoping to buy one of the following readers:



I would like your recommendations on which of the above two readers (or any other UHF reader) I should buy and what components I would also need to connect them to my Arduino (without depending on a PC).

Thanks, I appreciate any help!


Most people here use the 13.5 Mhz tags.

Do the vendors have a dev kit available.?

I notice that example arduino code is given but are you sure that an arduino is up to the task of what you want to do.

The ins and outs of rf tags can get complex , i suspect those units are for OEM use in inventory control.

Most here only want simple access control.


Try this for your first board and also this web have sample code do you have this board so try it and report at forum http://learn.linksprite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/DSCF3021.jpg

also my work with rfid rc522 its a low frequency reader that also can detect rfid card .its work with touch distance.

if you have one of them so test it as soon as possible .