UI Update to IoT Cloud: Where did the Webhooks/IFTTT features go?


I noticed that Arduino IoT Create recently had a pretty major UI update. I recall with the old UI there being a feature to provide a Webhook URL that will get called when device variables changed. I believe these features were available under the "Things" top-level tab.

With the new UI update, I can't seem to find the page to configure a webhook url anywhere now, or to configure an IFTTT integration. All I can seem to find under "Integrations" is a way to generate an API token for the Arduino API, which is not what I was looking for.

If any one here happens to know where those features went/whether they're still available, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

This is an example of the old UI where it was possible to enter a custom webhook. I stole this from a project tutorial which I think was created a little while back when IoT cloud looked a bit different. The tab I saw for integrations under "Things" was slightly different but there was definitely an input to enter a custom webhook url.

Welp. Might have answered my own question by using Postman to query the cloud API to try to programmatically add a webhook for my "Thing". The attached screenshot shows the response that I got after trying to update my devices webhook_uri..

  "id": "OyQrWLW3",
  "code": "precondition_failed",
  "status": 412,
  "detail": "custom webhook url not available"

I'm assuming this means that webhook functionality has been disabled across the board. I'm really hoping that this is not the case... However, if it is, I would've loved some heads up that this feature was going to be removed before I purchased over $150 of hardware from Arduino to start my new project. This renders my project effectively useless and the money I spent pretty much wasted...


the feature wasn't removed. You can find it under the top-right contextual menu -> Manage webhook.
See attached screenshot.

PS: ngrock domains are not available for webhooks. You will find the available domains under the "Manage webhook" modal.