UID and name

I want to create a RFID door lock and will use the RC522 RFID-scanner.
However I also want to give each UID a name. There will be around 100 UID'S and it will be hard to track which UID relates to which person. So I want to have some method that scans the UID and then asks for the name that should go with that UID. After this then I want to scan the RFID card and then get the name displayed on a Display. And finally the system should then store the UID+NAME+TIME.
I have a RTC module for the time the RC522 for RFID a SD card module and all the other things I need so far.
my question now is how I can make all of that possible and how the coding has to be done in terms of how to assign the name to the uid and then how to store it and later give it out when the correct UID has been scanned. The UID and names should be stored on the SD card and the file which stores all the used UIDS with name and time should be readable from a laptop/desktop.