'uint' does not name a type

I have the IDE installed on my desktop, version 1.8.9 and installed it on my laptop, 1.8.10
Board is the DUE.

Create a new file and add this to void setup()

const uint ONE = 1;

It compiles on my desktop but not on my laptop.
I tried the local search function and all it did was open a Google search. I can, and did, do the Google search myself. Seems to me that should search this form.

What needs to be done on the laptop to get that code to compile?

No answer to the question but the search on this forum uses google; if you look at the actual google details, you will see that searches are specific to this site.

I think I read a few posts recently about rolling back the cores in the board manager to fix some issues.

Maybe check the version on each computer and match them to the working version and see if that fixes it.


Like ballscrewbob, I would also suspect that you have a different version of the Arduino SAM Boards core installed on the laptop vs. the desktop. You can have any version of Arduino SAM Boards installed with any version of the Arduino IDE so the Arduino IDE version is irrelevant. You can find the Arduino SAM Boards version at Tools > Board > Boards Manager.