UIPEthernet for Arduino DUE correct library?

I am trying to use the UIPEthernet library on the Arduino DUE with the ENC28J60. My goal is to use the Due as a TCP sockets client for two way communications.

After downloading the arduino_uip-master from github I am not able to compile the tcpclient example. The library I have downloaded does not handle the Due (includes AVR/IO) so I must have the wrong version.

1-Is anyone else using the UIPEthernet library successfully with the Due? What is the correct link to download the version for the Due?

2-Are you using the SPI pins on the Due rather than the common pins used on the Uno etc.? Do you not have to connect the INT, CLKOUT, WOL pins? I have seen the RESET pin not connected and others connect it on the SPI. Are you also using any other SPI devices? How are you handling the connection of other SPI devices such as SD card etc?

3-Has anyone used other libraries successfully for TCP SOCKETS CLIENT on ENC28J60?

Thank you!