UK-based hardware startup looking for co-founder

Hi there,

I'm looking for an embedded systems engineer to join a hardware startup in the wearable technology space, as co-founder. We're building the prototype using Arduino but will probably create our own hardware if we're successful.

Ideally located in the UK or Romania and must be willing to relocate to San Francisco in the next three months.

I'll happily provide more information to those interested.


Hi Sabina,

Maybe you can tell a bit more here on the forum about your ideas? - specific market? - why UK, Romania, SF?

UK based... Must be willing to relocate to San Francisco...

Nope I'm missing something here!

I guess the "ideally located in..." is because they would prefer to have a face to face with prospective partners, but the whole shebang is moving to SF and so whoever they chose has to make that move.

It's an unlikely combo I think, given that I gather it's hard to get permission to work in the US. So I would think someone that is already in SF or nearby would be a better fit.

That said if I was considering someone for a partnership I would definitely want a F2F or at least a long history of interaction over Skype or whatever.


Hey Rob,

As I mentioned, the product I am currently working on is something you’ll wear. It’ll make you smarter. Hopefully :slight_smile:

As for markets, it’s in the medical/ wellbeing/ fitness sectors.

UK & Romania because I live in London but I am Romanian so either would work as I can split my time between the 2. SF because that’s where the people who could help with supply chain and at-scale manufacturing are.

I am happy to discuss more details in private if you want to chat about it.


It’ll make you smarter.

I’ll take a dozen…no wait, make that two, I need all the help I can get.

A how does an “old fart” go getting a green card (or whatever you need) to work in the US, I would think it’s damn near impossible.


It's not going to be a permanent move at first, I'm only talking 3 months initially as part of an incubator.

If all goes well and we raise money from the US, the whole work visa things becomes much easier.

OK ... I'm game for getting involved however I dont see why SF has all the resources you need. I am sure that some members here including myself can point you at those resources in China, which is where i suspect your SF contacts are outsourcing to anyway.

Check out my pedigree and my past projects on my website and get back in touch if i float your boat.

Cheers Pete.

Not that i'm interested but:

  1. getting a work permit in the US requires:

a: that the place in the US you are going to be able to justify why you should get a work permit rather than you hire a US citizen

  1. the person to travel to the US must be willing to give up any benefits, and for most europeans that means unemployment benefits, for myself i even said no to a UK based jobs because the benefits are that much lower compared to denmark, and you always have to plan for beeing without a job....

They do have benefits in the US but the system is total different and near impossible to get money out, and thats because its the workplace that pays for the system and not your taxes... so if you loose the job you go and apply for the benefits, the system will then contact the former workplace, if they say its your own fault you are out of luck and have to battle hard to proove that its not the case, and yes its you that have something to proove not them, and why would they do such a thing? its because its the former work place that pays the benefits to the system.

this alone was enough for be to stop looking for jobs in the US.... I dont have children so no family to think about...

but i like driving so wanted to become a truck driver... now this is another thing:

you have to live there for a minimum a year before you can even start taking the license.... and no a EU cat C license cant simply be converted.... a cat B for car can from day one.... so that was show stopper no 2 for me...

then my girlfriend decided she would not follow anyway even thou she could get her pension transfered and prop would get a permanent permit to live there without any trouble... the pension would even be US taxed so higher income...

and then you have to undergo health checks and criminal background checks too... before they would even consider things... they do that at local embassy thou so less travel there....

all things considered my advice if you need to have a person in SF in the end would be to look for one there and have them travel to the UK.... if they only have to live in UK for 6 months or so its far more easy to get a permit for them here than the other way round... o

Everything I here about the US system (in regards to social security, pensions, health care etc) seems to suck big time. Man we have it good here in Oz.


yeah, healthcare was another thing....

you have to get it yourself... and be sure they cover if you call an ambulance.... ie get it pre-approved.... its an joke, the best bet is to hide a pile of cash in your bed...

pension, would work if you save up for it yourself so the workplace cant pull the carpet under you

I feel like an American should come in and clear up some of the info, rather than letting people who don't live here disparage our system. You don't get free healthcare here in the states (At least, not for now). Your average middle class family has health insurance that is subsidized by an employer. You also have had the freedom to go without health insurance if you saw fit. Of course, in a start-up environment, you'll have to get your own. Pension is typically done by pre-tax contributions made to a 401K, which then get invested. Considering you would only be here for 3 months, I don't see the relevance in that.

What people like to ignore (or are ignorant to) is that you'll have more take home pay in the US (on average), and can afford to pay for health insurance yourself, and make your own 401K contributions. You can see this by looking at taxes as a share of GDP, in which the United States near the bottom with under 30%, while a country like Denmark is near 50%.

its actually a tad above 50%.... how much varies a bit from where you live etc etc

but nice to know a bit more, its actually good the be a bit educated :-D

my biggest fear would just be to stand without a job a be royal F****ed :-D

OK I guess we're hijacking this thread a little, but Sabina seems to have disappeared and is not responding to PMs (well mine anyway :))

you'll have more take home pay in the US (on average)

Maybe on average and for engineers, but all the unskilled workers appear to be getting screwed

Minimum wage Oz: $16.37 Minimum wage US: $7.25-9.19

And in Oz your health care and pension is included, as is the dole should you find yourself out of work. I admit I'm not privy to the current dole requirements and the pension setup will be different for younger workers as that's changing as well, but at my age I'll get a full pension just because I make it to 65 years old and have less than about $500k of assets (not including the family home), no other requirement. And the pension is about 50% more than what we currently live on, I don't particularly want to be 65 but I am looking forward to the pay rise :)

I worked as a farm labourer a few years ago just for the heck of it and the chance to have a new experience, I got $22 per hour plus 9% into my superannuation, and that's for for a grunt labourer. Interestingly when I quote just $25/hr (I'm retired so don't charge a rate I need to live off) for designing circuitry or a PCB people run a mile, most people seem to think I should spend 50 hours with Altium or researching components on their behalf for the love of it.

Of course taxes and living expenses make a big difference and I suspect there's no way to really compare any two countries.

And to argue from the other side, when I worked for Prime computers (huge US mainframe company many here may remember) the US engineers doing exactly the same job as us were getting paid approx 2x the amount we got.


As I said: on average.

I'm not doubting that the lower 10% have it easier down under, but that has to be made up somewhere, and considering we're talking about a start-up company, who takes skilled labor and tries to generate a great amount of revenue from it, that difference will likely be made up in that arena, so it's more relevant to the context of the original thread.

I'm sure Australia has a flatter distribution of wealth; there's simply a different philosophy between the two countries.

Yeah this seems to have died a death now .. I guess no one made the grade

Shame because I have siblings living in the USA and could have visited them for a few months

something you'll wear. It'll make you smarter.

You mean like a neck tie, a handkerchief in your breast pocket or a nice hat?

Remember there are two meanings to the word smart. More intellegent More presentable

I'd settle for either :)

Grumpy_Mike: Remember there are two meanings to the word smart. More intellegent More presentable

3 if you include smart (noun) as in "a kind of pain" although I doubt very much it is this one :)