UK:  Poundworld LED keyrings with solarpanel.

Just a heads up poundworld is selling led keyrings with a small solar cell attached.

I opened one up and it has 3 white leds, tactile switch, 3 battery cells and a diode. Then of course there is the solar cell, i measured output at 5.3-5.5v not measured the current yet but its worth it for the bits and pieces, the case is pretty nice too :slight_smile:

From what I could tell before my battery died in my DMM, its about 5mA

They also have a pack of 5 lighters for £1, with each having a bright blue LED and 3 x 1.5v button cells. Cheap for the lighters on their own, but even better with the bits you can salvage from them.

As in cigarette lighters?
Or as in a thing that lights?

poundworld is selling led keyrings

How much for? ::slight_smile: