UK Supplier - Asynclabs WiShield 2.0

Does anyone know of a retailer in the UK or EU that supplies the WiShield 2.0? I can get it in the US but it'll cost around £50.00 ($80)


Try here:-

Thanks very much, I did see that listed on their distributors page but thought it was US only. It actually works out more expensive from there though. I might ask them to see if they will provide a VAT receipt though and put it through my business :slight_smile:

It actually works out more expensive from there

Are you factoring in the import duty plus the VAT plus the post office £8.00 charge for collecting the VAT and Duty when you buy from the U.S.

:o They charge all that too? I've had a few things from the US and only been stung by that once by Fedex. Cheers for the heads up.

Yes generally speaking there is a magic number of pounds (I think £18), if you go over that on an import they charge you all that.

Be warned about, even if you were to purchase it through their 'european' site, it will be shipped from the US (and thus will likely incur customs charges).
I was expecting it, still suprised me when I saw what the post office was charging.

In that case this would be cheaper:-

Does it have to be an Asynclabs one?

The wifly doesn't support encryption, so it can only connect to unprotected networks, which was a dealbreaker for me.

RM charge £10 now. I'm to pay £13 for a $37 package because they dontn know the difference between £ and $.

It can get a lot worse.
Try a charge of E17 for a parcel containing $5USD of goods.
The limit for internet purchases outside the US (in order to be customs free) is E21 here.
They charged E4 in customs, E12.50 in customs handling charges, and make me pay E17.
Mind you, this was a gift... not even an internet purchase, so the rules are more forgiving... well, should be...

No, don't look suprised, it is the mail... they get to screw you anytime since they're allowed to make 'judgement calls' (read: they put on parcels whatever they like).
They don't even respond to inquiries :-?

When purchasing / receiving stuff internationally you just need to accept this blackmail / fraud.. you'll come across it eventually, and it isn't like they give you a lot of choices.

On they say they are shipping from France and you will not have any duties, taxes and/or custom fees charged upon delivery.