UK Suppliers for a bag'o'leds?

Hey guys,

Where does everyone get there leds from? It seems as if everyone wants a small fortune for even the most basic led these days. I was hoping to pickup a bag of 500 to keep me going for future projects but it seems like 100 is going to cost me around 5-6£ :S

Check out
They have various colours and quantities for good prices (100 white LEDs for $10.51). They also ship worldwide without S&H - so its impressingly cheap to buy there (all kinds of electronics to salvage). I bought White LEDs there a few months back and out of those 150 each single one worked perfectly - so quality is more than ok for the price.

I’ve ordered from a couple of times before, and they do mostly worldwide free shipping:

Prices seem good too.

well i know you said you can get 100 for ~£6 but maplin sell 80 assorted leds for £5.50 and are a uk supplier like you asked :slight_smile:


Cheers guys, I’ll take a look :slight_smile: