UK weather


Middle of april and i have snow.

not mentioning floods =(

We had tennis-ball-size hail in the DFW area of Texas a few days ago. It was the first time I’d seen hail that big. I had a friend who claimed to have seen soccer-ball-size hail in Nebraska at one time, but he was probably a tongue-in-cheek guy like AWOL.

i'm begining to wonder if the anti grav guy made a wiring mistake , and he's controlling the weather instead.

Maybe not so much a mistake, he's raining down on me because I said I was a pro-grav guy.

Boardburner2: Middle of april and i have snow.

Soft hail here at Higher Poynton this afternoon - well it wasn't falling as fast as hail and it surely could not have been snow.

...R PS. It's near the Anson Engine Museum - my favourite museum.

Western Canada Bright sun shine. No snow left. Golf course open.

No moisture for the last 3 months. Turing into a desert :(

Boardburner2: Unbelievable

Middle of april and i have snow.

UK:- Every sort of weather all in one day. East London had bright sunshine and a light hail shower today. Temperature dropped 10 degrees C since yesterday.

Yes i had bright sun while it was snowing occcasionaly , north cotswolds