UL Listed Relay Module

Hello, working on a project and need to install about 20 relays. My problem is I need to have a module or multiple modules that are UL listed/tested. Does anyone have any good ideas? Lost of them out there made in China, but I can't use those.

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There is a database or UL certified products. Have you checked there?

I don't think Arduino fit the bill though...

This is safety-tested, but not certified. You can purchase UL-listed relays, but you'll have to use an external driver. Maybe if you explained why what you're doing needs to be UL-listed, you'll get better help.

I found this RC1 / RM1 SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) by Altechcorp.
Isolated channels (no bus) allow control of each relay by a different logic system, if necessary. Mix sourcing
(positive switching, Vcc on/off) and sinking (negative switching, ground on/off) on a single multi-relay
module. Provide spare relay channels for future needs without committing to a specific logic power supply,
and without com mit ting coil-drive power for more than one relay at a time.
Altech Relay Modules provide high density packaging of miniature general purpose relays with Single Pole
Double Throw (Form C) and Double Pole Double Throw (2 Form C) contact con fig u ra tions and low current
AC and DC coils. Load your own relays in our RC Relay Carrier, or order the RM Relay Module complete with

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