uLCD-32 PTU / 4D Systems / Keyboard / ViSi - Genie

Hi @ all,

I have an uLCD-32 PTU from 4D Systems.
And I want to use “ViSi - Genie” {the original Library from 4D System (GitHub - 4dsystems/ViSi-Genie-Arduino-Library: ViSi-Genie - Arduino Library).}

I want to use the Text keyboard and give the result to a “Text box” on the screen, so that I´m see what I´ve typed.

Dose anyone have a Arduino Sketch / Exampel ?


That link gives a 404 error. I think the period and a curly brace got added to it by mistake?

Pardon my newness, but would the examples on page 141 of the Goldelox 4DGL Internal Functions manual help you at all?