uLCD-70DT Assistance

I am trying to write code for an Arduino and a uLCD-70DT to interact with each other. While reading one of the AppNotes I found something about using certain functions such as genie.DoEvents(), myGenieEventHandler(), genie.DequeueEvent(), and genie.AttachEventHandler(). I am really not understanding the concept of what these are used for or why they are necessary. Is there a clear example somewhere where these are being used so I can understand the concept better?

Right now I am trying to use this code to turn on an LED attached to pin TestLT on my Arduino when Userbutton01 is pressed on the LCD.

 #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <genieArduino.h>

Genie genie;
SoftwareSerial DisplaySerial(0, 1); //RX, TX to LCD
  const int TestLT = 13; //Test LED
  const int LCDReset = 4; //Reset Pin for LCD (O off, 1 on w/ 1K ohm resistor)
void setup() 
  genie.Begin(DisplaySerial);  //Serial0   
  pinMode(TestLT, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LCDReset, OUTPUT);   // Set P4 on Arduino to Output
  digitalWrite(LCDReset, 0);   // Reset the Display 
  digitalWrite(LCDReset, 1);   // unReset the Display
  delay (3500);         //let the display start up

void loop() 
 genie.DoEvents();  //Here the LCD messages are received and queued.   

void myGenieEventHandler(void)
   genieFrame Event;   
 if(genie.EventIs(&Event, GENIE_REPORT_EVENT, GENIE_OBJ_USERBUTTON, 0x01))
    digitalWrite(TestLT, HIGH);

Any help would be greatly appreciated as right now nothing happens when the button is pressed.
The comms speed is set to 14400 on my Workshop 4 program and the Userbutton1 has the event on changed set to Report Message so everything should work but I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.

UPDATE! It's now working! The issue was that I am using an Arduino Leonardo and Pin 0 cannot be used for RX. I changed it to Pin 10 and now everything works as it should. If someone could still answer my question,

When changing the baud rate do you have to plug the LCD in with the programming cable AND insert the SD Card every time? I have been rebuilding everything when changing settings like this and wasn't sure if there was a quicker way.

that would be a huge help. Thanks!