Ultra low blue tooth and IR transmitter and receiver game

Hello a friend of mine asking me to help him out in making a fun little projects a game of some short Needed to be Low Power that can work off of a coin cell battery. Using a pro mini that is 3.3v 1mhz IR transmitter and receiver and blue tooth Not much is needed on the pro mini just to light up leds blink different patterns when the IR transmitter hits a receiver at close range and the blue tooth transmit to the phone that made the shot with points then the person who got shot hits a button on it pushed and it will turn off leds and pro mini go back to sleep to start again. I pretty much figure everything out just Don't know which blue tooth takes the least amount of power. All cellphones are new Iphone 6 and Iphone 7. samsung note 4 and Note 7. I would like to be able to pin this on the Shirt of each person. Can someone help me out on which blue tooth module would be the best and maybe making some improvements on this game as well.

Low Power Bluetooth

Hello Johnny010 Thank you for that. I think i know how to search for blue tooth modules. That wasn't my problem. I'm not new to finding things. My problem is which one there are many out there and not sure which one would be best for my project,