Ultra Small Arduino Board w/ Nordic and Eth option

Hello Community!

After reading a lot and playing with my first Arduino Boards I'm toying with the idea of creating two super compact boards I need. I would make them as small as possibly going double sided SMD.

1. Arduino with Nordic nRF24L01+ The idea is to have a small, low-cost device which can be driven by battery or solar powered. Antenna would probably be a chip antenna although it could also be a SMA connector.

2. Arduino with Eth and PoE PD This should be fun. :) A super compact Arduino board which gets powered by a PoE Switch and also communicates through it. Nothing else needed. No power supply.

Both boards are based on existing HW designs to keep the available software compatible.

My question now is: Would anyone here be interested in such boards? It's a bit expensive to fire up the smd machine for my needs only but if this creates some interest, it might be worth a shot. Please let me know what you think. Feature requests are also welcome.


I would definitely be interested in the ones with the Nordic board on them. I am looking at tiny (as small as possible) transmitters, powered by batteries, to use as tracking devices (indoor only, similar to the OpenBeacon Project that uses PIC's).

Will try and post some schematics and a layout as soon as possible next week

would be intresting to see :)

+1 for the nordic boards (though depending on the price)

+1 for the: Arduino with Eth and PoE PD

if the costs is reasonable pls let me know (feel free to contact me at info (at) italianraiders.com )

Any update on this?