Ultrasonic distance measurement sensor

Hi, I wonder if an ultrasonic distance measurement sensor can 'see' an animal, like a dog? Maybe there is a better sensor, I just need to detect reliably when a dog is within 2 feet. Ideas? Thanks, Tom

Camera and image processing/recognition on a PC will work.

If you wish to detect a particular dog, a collar with a magnet or RFID tag will also work (with a suitable tag detector).

Do you want to see "there's THIS dog in front of the sensor", "there's a dog in front of the sensor" or "there's something at 2 ft in front of the sensor". This are all very different things.

Incidentally an ultrasound sensor may have a problem getting a reading off a dog, especially if it's a fluffy one. You have to try how it works with your dog.

Hi, OK I just want to know when A dog is there. A fuzzy dog. I thought about RFID as best but the range is too little. Need to have 2 ft reliably.

Ultrasound is probably not going to work, the fur absorbs the sound waves too much.

PIR should do the job detecting presence of a warm body (that excludes most non-living things and cold blooded animals) it but won't tell you how far it is or whether it's a dog.

IR ToF distance sensors such as the VL53L0X or VL53L1X may work for presence in front of the sensor, best chance if it's a light coloured dog. You'll have to try this out. Doesn't distinguish the dog from you, or from a toy dog.

Now those sensors still can't exclude other things, like yourself, or the neighbour's cat. So actually maybe best is to switch to something a lot more powerful, get the latest and greatest in image recognition software, add a camera, and teach it to recognise whether it's a dog, or something else such as a cat, a wild boar or even a human.