Ultrasonic generators / motors ?

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know what kind of actuator is used to generate "ultrasonic" energy? The SonicCare toothbrushes, for instance? I have also seen ultrasonic cleaning systems that are basically a big stainless steel tub that gets ultrasonic energy sent through it for cleaning various items.

I am having trouble finding a device such as this, I do not have any of the toothbrushes or anything to take apart.

I am looking to perform some experiments with biologics.

Thanks, - Brian

Ultrasound is a pretty broad spectrum, anything from just above audible at around 20 kHz, right up to medical imaging in the MHz region. If you're looking for a cleaner, cheap ones can be found on eBay for a few tens of pounds.

I was more looking for a "ultrasound generator"

I'm not looking for a cleaning device, but something where I can create and control ultrasonic frequencies that I can send down a small probe. I want to examine the behavior of ultrasonic behavior on bacterial growth.

something where I can create and control ultrasonic frequencies

You need to define your frequency range. Like loudspeakers, ultrasonic transducers tend to be tuned to specific frequency bands. 40kHz transducers can be had quite cheaply, though you'd have to take them apart to couple them to your probe.

You also didn't mention power levels - your probe could be a dental pick or smaller, or it could be a cattle prod.

The reason I mentioned a cleaner is because it would be a source of a cheap high power transducer and drive electronics.

I would be looking in the ~25 - 30 kHz frequency range, and the probe size would be small, like a dental pick or even a 5 inch sewing needle.

Are the cheap cleaners you mention the source of the 40 kHz transducers?