ultrasonic irrigation

hello , if anybody could help in making a code please do reply..
i m trying to design a robot for small range that does the following operations:
Firstly my robot displays my name on the LCD screen when switched on manually
1). Moves on a line towards potted plants at home and recognizes them using ultrasonic sensors.
once reached at the destination where the plant is kept it
2). Moves its arm to reach out the plants and senses the moisture value by a soil moisture sensor fitted at the end of that arm.
3). Now the Arduino checks if the plant need water content or not with the help of the value sensed?
If yes the Arduino switches on the motor pump and releases water in the pipe to water the plants else it displays on the LCD screen that watering is not required.
Please help. I m trying to make my first attempt in making this.

You've posted in an old thread about combining 3 codes. Do you have 3 codes you need to combine. If so post them. If not the "New Topic" button will let you start your own topic about your own problem with a title that tells people what it's about. Give it a try.


A little advice - ultrasonic sensors can recognise nothing, apart from a hard surface preferably normal to the sensor.



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