Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor as a SmartTint dimmer switch

I am currently working on a design project that I believe will be a relatively simple system (fingers crossed). I essentially need to create a dimmer switch that is linked to proximity.
The closest project I found is this one: Ultrasonic Fade LED - Arduino Projects Made Easy

Instead of controlling an the brightness of an LED I need to control the opacity of a SmartTInt film. Roughly a 5"x 45" piece.

My question is this: Will I be able to use the exact same setup as the Ultrasonic Fade LED example above? I believe the main difference will be current draw, correct? I apologize as my working knowledge of electrical systems is minimal at best.

The SmartTInt system has a dimmer switch you can buy separately so I know the system can be dimmed. switchable smart film
I just need to replace the switch with a ultrasonic proximity sensor.

Again I apologize for any ignorance. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The fading LED and PING example is a 5v DC thing.

That glass is 110AC. It is a different animal.

If you are the designer and unfamiliar with things electrical, I would give some thought as to maybe finding someone to do this for you instead of doing it yourself.

In theory, yes. A proximity sensor could be used to send variable power to the tinting windows. Somebody else will have to talk about dimming mains voltage. I don't know how to do that.