Ultrasonic Range Finder, bluetooth or wireless to buzzer

I have been reading a lot of about the use of the "PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor", and read the article Ping Tutorial Article. What I am seeking is an opinion on creating a system where a light and buzzer goes off if something approaches within 20 feet. The tutorial shows how to do this with the exception of hooking it up to a sound and visual source. Anyone have a link to how this could be done I have been searching for hours.


Define “sound and visual source”

“tone()” and an LED could form part of the definition.

(20 feet sounds a long way to detect something reliably with ultrasound)

Sound Source - Could be anything but I was thinking of a piezo buzzer. Something to alert you when an object was detected by the ultrasonic sensor.

Visual source would be a red led.

Those are pretty well covered by the examples and tutorials- what's the problem?

I understand the whole process of connecting the Ping)))., downloading the code, etc.

I have searched and searched for an example wherein it shows where to install the light or sound source and the code to trigger it. I have searched the forums and playground and have not found a thread that combines these two items.

I have looked on you tube and seen the How to Tuesday video but that just shows the distance being transmitted to the computer.

I have ordered the book getting started with Arduino and ordered a starter kit, but just want to be up and running once it comes in.

Any threads you can refer me to?

but that just shows the distance being transmitted to the computer.

Instead of transmitting a value to a computer, you could compare the value to another value. I'm pretty sure there are one or two examples of that.

Found a thread with Blink22 which was trying to do something very similar, he never responded if it worked out. I will keep on looking.

you might think about using a passive infrared sensor instear of the ultrasonic. These are specifically motion detectors optimized for people. They have a single input to the micro that will go high when they see motion. It’s simple enough to code Loop to continuously poll it and trigger your lights or whatever. For an overly elaborate example, i built a cylon pumpkin which ran some leds and made some noise when it “saw” a trick-or-treater. The code is in the post.